Dog Walking

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Many owners underestimate the importance of exercise to their dogs. Others know how important it is but simply do not have the time to give their dog all the exercise he or she needs. At Precious Pet Care I know that dogs are fully dependent on us; they need companionship and thrive from regular exercise; a well exercised dog is afterall, a happy dog! In fact, many problems in the home can be greatly improved by a suitable exercise regime. So not only can I help you stop feeling guilty, I can also improve your dogs health & prevent or relieve behaviour problems caused by boredom and excess energy.

How much exercise a dog needs depends on its age, breed and general health. Exercise improves cardiovascular health and aids in the prevention of obesity and related conditions. Regular exercise also helps to give a dog mental stimulation. New sights, sounds and smells give a dog something to think about and will help to prevent him getting bored. At Precious Pet Care I make every walk fun and allow your dog time to sniff, run around, play- whatever they enjoy! When I have your dog on Day Care it simply means they are with me for the day and will have 2 or 3 walks!

Because all dogs have a different level of training, I never let your dog off the lead unless I have your permission and I feel they will return to me when called. When I take your dog for his walk you can rest assured that they will be well looked after, have lots of fun and be returned to you tired and content!