House Sitting

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Boarding your pet in a kennel or cattery can provoke stress and upset for both owner and animal. Precious Pet Care provides a house sitting service, meaning your pet does not need to be removed from their familiar surroundings and the comfort of their own home.

For as little as £30 per night, you have the peace of mind from knowing your precious pet is safe and happy, a situation which is justifiably priceless! Having a house sitter also provides security because your house will not be left vacant and will therefore help deter thieves. Your post can be bought in and plants watered also. I have had a police-check and have the papers available if you wish to see them so you can feel assured that a responsible, loving person is caring for your pet.

For some pets, boarding in a kennels/cattery is not actually a distressing time in the slightest; I have worked in a kennels and cattery for many years and could not do so if the animals were unhappy. However some pets just don't suit this experience due to perhaps their age or personality. A dog with separation anxiety for example, may panic when the kennels are shut up at night and have a very traumatic board. Or a very old cat that is losing its sight may be very bewildered when put into a cattery pen. Whatever the situation, Precious Pet Care is happy to give advice to concerned, unsure owners and help suggest the best scenario that would suit their pet.

Having a house sitter can also be a blessing if you have many pets (like myself!) as boarding them all at a kennels/cattery would be quite expensive and with Precious Pet Care all other animals go free, (apart from additional dogs and livestock - see Special Discounts page) so you only have to pay for one pet!