Puppy Visits

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There is nothing more exciting than bringing your new puppy home! Puppies need lots of care and attention, and house training can be hard to maintain when you are not at home. Precious Pet Care can help by visiting your puppy whilst you are out or at work. I will feed and play with your puppy, let them out and clean up any little accidents. Basic training will also be carried out during the visit to give the puppy mental stimulation and help use up that endless energy! If they require a lunch feed as well I can provide this. I design personalised private visits to ensure the health and safety of your puppy.

Studies have shown that a lack of early socialisation in puppies can cause fearfulness towards people or the environment and can cause them to be inept at relating to other dogs/animals. By learning how to interact with these, the socialised puppy develops communication skills which enable it to recognise, amongst other things, whether or not it is being threatened and how to recognise and respond to the intentions of others.


Once your puppy is fully vaccinated they will be ready to venture into the great outdoors. During their 30 minute visit I can take them on very short walks on the lead, thus teaching many new things such as asking them to sit before crossing roads, how to say hello nicely to passing dogs, prams, people, the list is endless. This will also prepare them for when they are bigger and can therefore join an hour long Precious Pet Care Group Dog Walk!