Small Animal Boarding

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From hamsters to rabbits, Precious Pet Care offers a caring home from home boarding service for your small furries whilst you are away.

Your pet can stay indoors, or in the tree sheltered garden depending on their usual residence. I ask that owners provide their pets' cage/hutch as this reduces stress on the animal. I can arrange to collect your pet and it's cage in my van if your car is too small to fit it all in! There is a nine foot long fox proof run available so your rabbit/guinea-pig can have daily access to grass (weather permitting). Please note that no guests share runs or are mixed at any time, unless they are boarded together from the same family.

I request that all boarders have enough of their usual food supplied for the duration of their stay, as this helps to prevent upset tummies! Fresh hay and bedding materials will be provded with the service, as will fresh fruit and vegetables for those pets that usually receive them. All bottles and bowls are provided.

All rabbits must be up to date with their myxomatosis and VHD vaccines and a valid vaccination certificate must be produced upon request. Any pet with parasites or other contagious diseases will not be accepted to stay as they will put other boarders at risk. All areas are routinely disinfected with a veterinary approved disinfectant.

I can cut your rabbit's or guinea-pig's nails for just £1.50 per pet. If you are interested in this service please mention at the beginning of your pets stay. This service is also available for rabbits/guineas that are not boarding, please contact me for details.