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No dogs will be walked off the lead unless the owner has signed the statement declaring they give permission for Precious Pet Care to do so. This statement is provided when the first walk is booked.

Precious Pet Care will not be held responsible for any damage to the home caused by the animal, during a house sit or visit where all instructions have been followed by the pet carer.

Dogs will be covered by our third party liabilty insurance, but we recommend that you take out your own pet insurance to cover illness or injury as any vet bills incurred will be re-claimed.  I am happy to give advise regarding such pet insurance, please just ask!

Small Animal Boarding -- if your pet is not collected within 14 days of the agreed collection date and you have not contacted us to inform us differently and we cannot contact you with the information you provided, we reserve the right to take action to have the animal re-homed, and legal action will be taken to reimburse boarding fees and any re-homing costs.

Small Animal Boarding -- You should be made aware that at this moment in time, no licensing laws or regulations exist in respect of boarding small animals. All animals are left entirely at their own risk.

Small Animal Boarding -- Viewing of the boarding facilities is welcome however please contact me to arrange a time so I can make sure I am home!